Friday, October 23, 2009

@MuseLotus Great #onlyinNOLA Tweet Story

#OnlyInNewOrleans - Holding each of you in my HEART today~

Scroll to the bottom and read her Tweetstream back up towards the picture.

12:33 PM Oct 21st from TwitPic So, folks, magic is afoot here every day. When will you come to New Orleans to find your muse? When will you allow yourself the experience?

12:27 PM Oct 21st from web She jumped out of my car, grateful for the ride. Yet, *I* was the one grateful for having had Ursula from Paris, France share her story w/me

12:26 PM Oct 21st from web By the time I got to the Roosevelt, downtown was covered in Saints & Jets jerseys, the rain had let up & Ursula was eager to grab a cocktail

12:25 PM Oct 21st from web Ursula said THAT experience here in New Orleans would go down as one of the most precious of her life.

12:24 PM Oct 21st from web When she finished, everyone on the streetcar stood & gave her a rousing ovation with cheers of "BRAVA! BRAVA!" including the driver.

12:23 PM Oct 21st from web as the streetcar lazily rolled past Victorian mansions & ancient oak trees on St. Charles Avenue.

12:22 PM Oct 21st from web The opera singer then proceeded to sing Ursula's favourite song from her favourite opera with the most emotion possible,

12:21 PM Oct 21st from web Ursula asked the opera singer/mother if she had a favourite opera. She said yes & her favourite song/aria(?) was Ursula's favourite!

12:20 PM Oct 21st from web Turns out, Lil Boy's mother is a world-famous opera singer who was in New Orleans on vacation & was taking the streetcar ride w/her son.

12:18 PM Oct 21st from web While riding the St. Charles streetcar, she befriended a little boy who was sitting next to her. He was w/his mother. Ursula recognized her.

12:13 PM Oct 21st from web Ursula loves opera. She told me of her favourite opera & her favourite "song"? aria? (forgive, I'm not opera-literate.)

12:12 PM Oct 21st from web It is pure magic here & we often shake our heads and mumble #OnlyInNewOrleans as New Orleanians are want to do.

12:11 PM Oct 21st from web Her highlight was on the Saint Charles Streetcar & I share this with you today because things like this happen in my great city EVERY day.

12:10 PM Oct 21st from web She was in love with New Orleans and excitedly shared with me all the wonderfully cultural things she was doing while here.

12:09 PM Oct 21st from web Her name was Ursula, she's from Paris, France & was in town for 2 weeks visiting her brother, who lives here for a little while.

12:09 PM Oct 21st from web I offered her a ride, she accepted as she was going to meet friends at the Roosevelt Hotel's bar before the Saints/Jets (I think) game.

12:08 PM Oct 21st from web *hip looking, meaning she looked like a a student from elsewhere or a worldly tourist with style.

12:07 PM Oct 21st from web I saw a hip looking* girl standing alone @ the streetcar stop, getting drenched.

12:06 PM Oct 21st from web Coupla weeks ago on a Sunday, I was driving home from yoga, crossing streetcar tracks on St. Charles just as a heavy downpour began falling.

12:05 PM Oct 21st from web I'm a little busy today, folks. Wanted to share a story to keep NOLA in your hearts while I'm out living my life....

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